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Monday, 29 June 2015

My special Moi-moi receipe

I love to make moimoi because it is my husbands favourite.  It is made from beans and so it is very rich in protein which is good for growing children. You can use palm oil or vegetable oil to make your moimoi depending on the one you prefer.

Here are the ingredients:

-3 cups of beans
-5 eggs
-Smoked fish
-Maggi to taste
-Salt to taste
-2 Red pepper(ata rodo)
-1 Tin tomato
-Palmoil or veg oil
-White nylon

Soak ur beans for about 30 minutes until its soft enough for you to peel.

As you are peeling with your two hands, you keep changing the water until it becomes clean and all the skin is off.

After peeling, allow it to soak again for about 15mins. So it will be soft for grinding.

Next up you grind your beans with some of the peeled onions and red pepper.

You boil your eggs and slice them up.
Add your eggs into the moimoi mixture, then add your smoked fish (after removing the bones), add some crayfish, maggi spice and salt to taste

Add your tin tomato to give it color.

Then add your palm oil or vegetable oil.

Stir the mixture together.

After stirring you can now tied up small quantities of the moimoi paste (about 200mls) inside the clean nylon bags. Remember not to knot it too tight so it doesn't burst when cooking.

Next you put some water into a pot, place an elevator at the base, then put your moi moi on it so they are not in contact with the base of the pot. Allow to cook for 40 mins. There are various ways to prepare moimoi. You can use leaf, plastic foil also to hold it, but I prefer the nylon.

After 40 mins the moimoi is done. You can serve with bread, pap, rice etc. Its always very delicious.